1. exposethecap:

    LER LER LER comic zine #2, “SECRETS” is available for purchase at Tree & Leaf in the Plaza District of OKC, or on etsy!

    You can find pretty much everything I’ve been up on the LER LER LER blog, zines, animation, playlists, and lots of exposing the cap.


  2. Fight the Power! Or just sit back and Feel the Rhythm with this roots playlist. This will be the first of many themed LER LER LER playlists to get you pumped up, educated, and inspired. EXPOSE THE CAP, Y’ALL!

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  3. Need a caricature artist in the Oklahoma City area? I’m your dude. Contact me directly at lance.illustration(at)gmail(dot)com or hire me through thumbtack.com, I just signed up on their site, eager to try it out.


  4. Portfolio Site Update

  5. SOLD

    1 of 5 pieces by Lance made for the Monsters Within Drink&Draw show during the Halloween Pre-Party at Live on the Plaza.

  6. Had to honor this guy, he was really good at what he did. #PhilipSeymourHoffman #caricature

  7. Here’s the finished logo I made for our gourmet pretzel business. Follow our progress @twistpretzels on ig or @twistpretzelsok on twitter

  8. Halloween Manimation Special!

    Lance & Egg tell creepy stories to get you in the spirit for ghouls and fools. Every scene was drawn and “acted out” by hand.

    We had the enormous pleasure of being able premiere this video live on the Plaza in OKC at our favorite local t-shirt shop, Tree & Leaf, during our Drink & Draw Halloween art show.

  9. quitinokc:

    Live on the Plaza Halloween Pre-Party (Tree and Leaf Monsters Within Show)

    My Drink & Draw homies put on a magnificent show last night. So different from anything else shown around OKC. 

    And of course, Chef Turney’s always churnin’ out something yummy at Urban Wine Works.

    Quit’s killer shots from last night’s event - that’s me in the Warhol getup hanging out with my lady, my pals, and watching the premiere of our new Halloween manimation :-D

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  10. I’m excited about our Halloween show on Friday, come out if you can! Here’s a collab poster that me, Egg, Eric, and Cory worked on, I did the lettering and colors and some of the inking.

    And a sample piece of mine that will be in the show, along with some other pieces by me, Edgardo George, Eric Sandhop, Hector Lopez, and Cory Hancock, and a live premiere of me and Egg’s second Manimation, which will hopefully give you all kinds of Halloweeny goosebumps (or chicken skin, depending on where you grew up).